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We do value privacy

Not to worry, we understand your need for privacy. The only place on this website where you can provide personal information is the contact page and the newsletter section where you're requested to enter your email address. You can optionally provide some other contact details via email such as phone number. However, we will use your contact details solely to communicate with you regarding your inquiry. We will never send you commercial communications or any other form of spam and we shall not share your details with any third parties. That's a promise.

Personal and financial information

We will never ask you to provide personal identification documents, information about your bank accounts, credit cards or any other personal or financial information.

Access to Code4Cloud

The entire content on Code4Cloud is available for free. We will never charge for access nor we'll implement an authentication process. Quick and annonymous full access is allowed for a better user experience.


Code4Cloud is available via a secure connection. Transactions on the site are protected with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. Your data and your device are safe while you're navigating this website.


We only use cookies to make this website work. In fact the only cookie used by Code4Cloud is the default session cookie necessary for the web server to handle multiple user journeys on the website.

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